Why Is My Rat’s Eye Turning White? Glaucoma, Infection, Cataracts?

Rats can develop white eyes, giving the impression that the rat has become blind in one eye. Usually, a blind eye will be completely and totally bluish white, as if it were cloudy. However, white spots can occur as well. The severity of the condition depends upon what is causing the eye to become white. Continue reading Why Is My Rat’s Eye Turning White? Glaucoma, Infection, Cataracts?

Choosing a Safe Exercise Wheel for Your Rat

Between caught  toes, disfigured backs, and tail injuries, the exercise wheel can be a very dangerous territory for domesticated rats. If you plan to buy a wheel for your rats to run on, it is necessary to do some serious research and find the right wheel for the health and safety of your rats. Here, we will highlight some do’s and don’ts, as well as link to some appropriate wheels!

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Adult Coloring Books: Check Out These Pet Rat Titles!

Adult Coloring Books: Check Out These Pet Rat Titles!

Adult coloring books are taking the world by storm. One great sector of the coloring world we’d like to point out is… well… the corner with the ratties! Pet rats have made their big debut in these adult coloring books, and I’m about to show you some of the cool ones that have popped up. Clicking on each image will tell you page counts, give you samples, and prices as well as reviews. They’re worth the mention here, that’s for sure!

Doodle Artist- Fanciful Rats

Annette, the author, has truly outdone herself with Fanciful Rats. This coloring book is 62 pages long, plenty enough to last the average coloring enthusiast. The incredibly intricate designs and textures will take the average person quite some time to complete. Time consuming coloring books are the BEST ones, with more bang for your buck.

Unique & Exotic Pets

This coloring book emphasizes on exotic pets more, but there are plenty of ratty coloring opportunities in here too! This is a more recent release, and has great reviews already. Since exotic pets are not “mainstream”, it can be relatively hard to find coloring opportunities or novelty items that include them.


For the General Animal Lovers: The Art of Zendoodle

Since the ratty market is still kind of slow, I’d like to include one more coloring book: it has many different animals within its pages! Zendoodle still has only 3 ratings, but you can see some sample pages in those reviews. I love the intricate designs within this title as well! I figured it was a worthy mention since a majority of us love nearly any pet!


Hopefully as new titles are produced and released, we’ll be able to add them here for your viewing pleasure. Do any currently own and use adult coloring books? If so, tell us which one your personal favorite is!! We’d love to know what our readers think.

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Couponing for Rats: $1 Cheerios at CVS! 2/13/16

Couponing for Rats: $1 Cheerios at CVS!

Alright guys, due to my recent obsession with couponing, I’m going to be sharing all of my rat friendly coupon deals with you. This one definitely inspired me! Instead of paying $3 for a box of Cheerios, how about paying $1? Even if you exceed the limit on your CVS Extrabucks, you’ll still get them for $1.50 per box with the coupon. Great deal, right? If you have any questions, check out the bullet list at the bottom of this post. Print NOW and use by tomorrow 2/13/16 at midnight! Sale ends soon, so get it while you can!!!

The Cheerios Deal

  • Print out the coupon below twice. You have a printing allowance of twice per computer.
  • Go to your local CVS and pick up two 12 oz boxes of Cheerios (or whichever Cheerios have the $1 extrabucks promotion tag).
  • At the register, present your CVS card so extrabucks will print. Once the cashier scans the Cheerios, give them the $1 off 2 Cheerios coupon you printed. Each coupon requires two boxes purchased.
  • Your $1 Extrabucks will print!


Price Break Down

  • Cheerios are on sale at CVS for 2 for $4
  • Coupon is $1 off 2, bringing the price down to $1.50 each, or 2 for $3.
  • After the $1 Extrabucks prints, you have paid $3 for two boxes of cereal with a $1 Extrabuck in your hand. This brings the final price to $1 per box! You can then use that Extrabuck on MORE cheerios!
  1. What Are Extrabucks?           Extrabucks are like CVS “cash” that you can spend at CVS. They are linked to your CVS card and cannot be used with another card.  They print on your receipt, and can be redeemed immediately. Look at it like a CVS gift card!
  2. Why Can I Print Only 2 Coupons?          Couponing sites have a limit per device to prevent abuse. Every computer, cell phone, and tablet is limited to two copies each.
  3. What About CVS Limits?            CVS sets limits on its extrabucks promotions. This limit is usually from anywhere between 1 and 6 times. Check out sales ads for more information.


Red Eyed Rat Swaying, Weaving Back and Forth?

Owners might walk up to their rats’ cage to find that one might be huddled in the back of the cage, swaying back and forth. The rat might appear drunk, with a “caught in the headlights” type of stare. The rat might also be easily spooked, especially with quick movements or loud noises. This is more common in red eyed rats, but why do rats exhibit this type of odd behavior? Let’s find out! Continue reading Red Eyed Rat Swaying, Weaving Back and Forth?

Is My Rat Depressed? Alone After Friend and Cage Mate Died

If you have a pair of rats and one suddenly dies, you as the owner will not be the only one mourning. Rats are very intelligent, social creatures who build strong lifelong bonds with their cage mates. Once the cage mate dies (especially one of only a pair), the remaining rat or rats will grieve. They might even be seen staying near the sickly rat as death approaches. Depression and grief is a very real thing for pet rats, despite the criticism they face from many humans who lack any knowledge regarding these animals.

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Can My Pet Rat and My Dog Play Together?

Can My Pet Rat and My Dog Play Together?dog-715545_1920

For the most part, many rat owners have additional pets in the home other than their rats. Once rats become accustomed to roaming the house the owner may find that they are trapping their other pets behind closed doors to ensure the rat’s safety. This may cause a bit of trouble in the home among the other pets, leading rat owners to wonder whether or not their different pet species are compatible playmates. Continue reading Can My Pet Rat and My Dog Play Together?

My Rat Has Lice or Mites: How Do I Get Rid of Them?

Lice and mites are hard to get rid of when they infest pet rats. This is especially true when you are not equipped with the proper medications. Both lice and mites can become immune to chemical or medicinal treatments, requiring a change in formula when drug resistant specimens are found on furred rats. External parasites on rats can become a massive problem in homes with several ratties. To better understand the difference between rat specific mites and lice, we’ll give you a small overview:

Continue reading My Rat Has Lice or Mites: How Do I Get Rid of Them?

Allergic Reaction to Rats: How to Fix Allergies with Rats

Unfortunately, some of us will have allergic reaction to rats. Much like dogs and cats (as well as other allergens), rats can cause some pretty hefty reactions. But, they can be worked with a little bit easier than dogs or cats. Since rats are kept in a cage, they are restricted to a single area in the home. Larger free roaming pets do not; therefore, they can cause more adverse reactions. Before you get rid of your rats, try these methods below to live happily with your rats! A few changes and sacrifices can greatly reduce reactions! Continue reading Allergic Reaction to Rats: How to Fix Allergies with Rats

The Bulging Rat Eye: Why Does One Eye Look Bigger than the Other?

Normally, both eyes of a rat are relatively even, sitting on top of the head like small, delicate glass beads. Then, one day you wake up to find a terrifying, disturbing problem has occurred: one of your rat’s eyes is now bigger than the other and bulging, as if it was swollen and ready to pop! Is it possible that the rat has an infected eye? Is it cancer? This really is a creepy situation. Every time I see it, it STILL scares me. I always feel as if the eyeball could pop out, and the imagined visuals are enough to make you cringe. However, I don’t intend to make you hyperventilate and trip over your own two feet in an effort to grab the travel kennel and do 90 MPH on your way to the emergency vet. Let’s take a moment and look at what COULD be going on.

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