Rats As Pets

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Rats As Pets

dumbo ruby eyed white fancy rat edit
Rats make the perfect first pet for any animal lover. They are a wonderful species of pet to get to know, and I recommend that every pet owner out there try out a pet rat through playing with a local breeders available babies, or a friend’s pet rats! IF the idea of a rat as a pet scares you, JUST GIVE THEM ONE CHANCE TO SHOW YOU THEY AREN’T!

If you have been contemplating adding a pet rat to the family, this is definitely the place to learn about having rats as pets. After having bred and raised pet rats for over 12 years, I can definitely say that they are simply the best small pet out there. There are so many reasons behind this, but there are also a few pitfalls to having them as family pets; one of which is their lifespan. While they make an excellent pet for a temporary situation (such as a 15 year old who will be headed off to college in three years), the short lifespan as compared to other pets likeĀ dogs and cats is incredibly short. On the bright side, these animals have MASSIVE loads of personality and attitude, something that you would have to experience to believe! Are you ready to catch rat fever?

Rats Are the Best Small Pet/Caged Pet for No Pet Households and College Students

fawn ruby eyed dumbo and top eared ratsSince fancy rats live in a cage, they are usually not included in “no pets allowed” rental properties. The same goes for dorm rooms. They won’t cause damage to the homes usually, and they are quiet. They also require a bit less of your time when you’re extremely busy as long as they have a cage mate. They need socialization with humans frequently, but they get along much better than dogs or cats when different life events occur (new baby, college finals week, second job for saving money during the holidays, etc). These super cute rodents will cozy into your bedroom corner just fine, longing for each hour of playtime shortly before you go to bed!


Rats Really are the Best Pets For Young 4, 5, 6, and 7 Year Olds!

If you are looking for a pet for your child, you might be interested in a rat. Their incredibly docile, friendly, curious, and energetic attitudes definitely match the needs of a younger child. As long as the child has learned to be careful with pets and knows how to responsibly handle them, a rat is by FAR the best first pet option. They also only live for 2 years; meaning that if the parent gets stuck caring for the pet rat, it’s not a 15 year commitment as opposed to a puppy. Rats will also take much less time to care for than a puppy, which requires hours of walking, training, and cleaning up after. They cost much less to feed and maintain as well. For the cost of 1 months worth of dog food, you could probably feed a rat for 6 months to 1 year! Kids quickly take to rats, and can be trained very well. If you keep your kid interested in his or her pet, they will quickly learn just how much a rat can understand, feel, and do; this will lead to a lifelong respect of and interest in pet rats. There are tons of cool pet rat facts out there that will probably fascinate your children!


Rat Personalities, Preferences, and Quirks Are VERY Complex, and Totally Uniqueblue dumbo eared rex rat in bed

Yes, it’s true. The personality of a rat will differ from any other rat you have had in the past or in the future. You will remember him or her for those weird little things he/she did, or the cute way the rat would greet you. Some rats are super goofy, energetic, squirmy, and outgoing, while others are shy, laid back, and hungry for all of your affection. Some are even more adventurous (hence the repeat offender cage escapees!) than others while some just want to lounge in the hammock and watch your favorite TV show with you. Whether it’s the way that they have strategically learned how to quietly rummage through your purse for that ONE Starburst candy flavor they love, or the way they ate the face off of your rubber monkey keychain bit by bit over the course of several months, every rat will leave a little bitty paw print on your heart long after they are gone.

Fancy Pet Rats VERY RARELY Ever Bite or Become Angry, They Are Very Patient and Goofy!

rat mouth teeth and incisorsIf I was going to compare the docility and patience of a rat, I would have to call upon the legendary family dog breed, the Labrador Retriever! Labs are renowned for being docile, protective, and loving family pets, as you may already know. Rats very closely mimic the Lab, and many rat owners would agree to this. They just want you to get them out of the cage, hold them, play with them, feed them treats, and let them curl up with you for a nap. Oh, and they will bond extremely well with other household pets such as dogs and cats (My male cat actually wrestles with one of the male rats all of the time)!Sounds like a pretty awesome dog, doesn’t it?

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