The 10 Most Exciting Gifts for Rat Lovers!

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The 10 Most Exciting Gifts for Rat Lovers!

Rat owners can be hard to shop for, especially if you don’t know where to look. I have compiled this top 10 list from our holiday store,  provided by the wonderful, secure Amazon Store. I’ve got a deep love for Amazon; I found all of this cool stuff there, but nowhere else! Note: all photos are linked via the Amazon Affiliate Network, therefore you can access the listing directly through the photos. This allows you to easily visit the item on Amazon without having to search for it yourself.

Beautiful, Decorative Rugs

One of my favorite products that I found were the beautiful rugs featuring rats. There were many different designs (the design featured on the hand purse later in this post is available as a rug too!), but this particular one really catches my eye. It’s bright, fun, and happy; it could open up a room and give it a bit of color. I fully intended on purchasing this for myself after our big move. However, I do not want to mix this beautiful rug with a small child; therefore, it’s being put on hold for us. But isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? And talk about a conversation piece!

Gorgeous Gold Jewelry

This one is pretty far up there budget-wise, but I couldn’t skip over the beautiful gold rat earrings. Considering I never wear jewelry, this would be a terrible investment for me. However, this would be a showstopping gift for someone who’s very dear to you. Many people fall back on jewelry as a holiday gift, as it can be a relatively safe gift to purchase. However, this particular set of earrings would hit close to home for a rat lover like most of us, and there’s no feeling better than that of deep love and support for our hobbies and passions.

Adorable, Budget Friendly Pendants

If you’re operating on a budget, this gorgeous pendant necklace will definitely do the trick. I don’t wear my necklaces very often; most of mine hang on display, allowing me to admire them despite my rather ridiculous commitment issue when it comes to jewelry. I love to wear them, but I can NEVER remember to put them on! This one is clearly beautiful, whether worn or displayed. Don’t panic about the color, it comes in several! I just personally love this one!

Cozy Hoodies

Hoodies are a vital part of the winter season. Let’s be honest: can you really have TOO many hoodies? I don’t think so, and neither would most other people! Hoodies are particularly good gifts for teens and young adults, who seem to wear them anywhere and everywhere. I was most definitely guilty of this. This unique rat hoodie features several rats in various poses, and is rather artistic and lively. BONUS: The hood is an awesome sleeping/lounge spot for the ratty of honor! It is literally two gifts in one.

Comfy Sleep Sets

Yet again, I’m a huge fan of sleep sets. The best days are the ones where you can lounge about lazily on a cold day, sipping on some hot chocolate in your favorite jammies. Maybe even read a book by the fire? This is yet another incredibly common gift on Christmas for the “hard to shop for” crowd. This women’s sleep set is simple, adorable, and it looks so comfy. It is also made by Cafepress, and there are other similar listings that offer different sleep pant styles with this same exact sleep shirt!

Exciting Wall Decals

Wall decals are like the new age posters: they’re easier to hang, they are reusable, they don’t suffer from damage like posters may, they don’t fade or wrinkle with time, and they don’t fall off. This is amazing for someone who just recently got their first apartment, or someone who still has a bit of blank space on the bedroom walls. It’s tasteful, exciting, unique, and full of love!

I have 4 different wall decals in my own home, all of which have aged flawlessly over the last three years. They are not of this design, but rather designs I’ve picked up at different department and home improvement stores. Since they’re so durable, I intend on purchasing one of these for my future “rat room”!

Bumper Sticker Pride

We all have that one friend or family member who layers their car in bumper stickers. After all, our bumper stickers are a reflection of who we are as people. While this one is a window sticker that does say “rat mom”, there are also other bumper stickers as well; including “I <3 Rats.” This was just my personal favorite, as I thought it was cute and beautiful. The two rats’ tails intertwine into a heart, and the detail is adorable. I prefer both window stickers and magnetic buper stickers, as they are easiest to remove.

Artistic Posters & Canvasses

Choosing between a poster and a canvas can be difficult; before choosing, you should determine where and how the art piece will be used. If it’s in a kid’s room or informal bed room, the more inexpensive posters would be best. For high traffic living areas and guest bedrooms, I would definitely go with the more professional looking canvasses! This beautiful watercolor style printed canvas is absolutely adorable, and captures the calm, lovingly lazy demeanor of our beloved pet rats; don’t you think?

Adorable Pillow Cases

I’m a sucker for decorative pillows, especially pillow cases! This one may require the purchase of a 16×16 inch pillow for use with the case, so keep that in mind if you choose this gift. I am not sure why pillows aren’t gifted more often. They lose their shape over time, everyone uses them, and it’s not a gift that simply sits on a shelf. Adding a cute little rat to the pillow case definitely gives it some “adorable” character!

Flashy Hand Bag Set

Gifts for organization are amazing, especially for people who tote makeup, school supplies, art supplies, or tons of change around. The artwork featured on this set was my personal favorite, and there are many more styles to choose from. The hand bags come in varying sizes, and would make beautiful gifts for the artistic rat parents in the family (or social circle!)



The product links in this post are linked via the Amazon Affiliate program. The purchases made through these links result in affiliate earnings, which can be used to help this site to continue to grow.

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