Adult Coloring Books: Check Out These Pet Rat Titles!

Adult Coloring Books: Check Out These Pet Rat Titles!

Adult coloring books are taking the world by storm. One great sector of the coloring world we’d like to point out is… well… the corner with the ratties! Pet rats have made their big debut in these adult coloring books, and I’m about to show you some of the cool ones that have popped up. Clicking on each image will tell you page counts, give you samples, and prices as well as reviews. They’re worth the mention here, that’s for sure!

Doodle Artist- Fanciful Rats

Annette, the author, has truly outdone herself with Fanciful Rats. This coloring book is 62 pages long, plenty enough to last the average coloring enthusiast. The incredibly intricate designs and textures will take the average person quite some time to complete. Time consuming coloring books are the BEST ones, with more bang for your buck.

Unique & Exotic Pets

This coloring book emphasizes on exotic pets more, but there are plenty of ratty coloring opportunities in here too! This is a more recent release, and has great reviews already. Since exotic pets are not “mainstream”, it can be relatively hard to find coloring opportunities or novelty items that include them.


For the General Animal Lovers: The Art of Zendoodle

Since the ratty market is still kind of slow, I’d like to include one more coloring book: it has many different animals within its pages! Zendoodle still has only 3 ratings, but you can see some sample pages in those reviews. I love the intricate designs within this title as well! I figured it was a worthy mention since a majority of us love nearly any pet!


Hopefully as new titles are produced and released, we’ll be able to add them here for your viewing pleasure. Do any currently own and use adult coloring books? If so, tell us which one your personal favorite is!! We’d love to know what our readers think.

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