Can Rats Eat Tomatoes?

So, you cleaned out your fridge.

Or, perhaps you have a beautiful garden that is providing you with more fruit than you know what to do with.

Yet again, maybe you have a tomato left over from your salad and you just want to see what your ratties think about it.

You stop and think… “But, CAN rats eat tomatoes? Or will it hurt them… Maybe it’s too acidic? Maybe I should wait…” Continue reading Can Rats Eat Tomatoes?

Couponing for Rats: $1 Cheerios at CVS! 2/13/16

Couponing for Rats: $1 Cheerios at CVS!

Alright guys, due to my recent obsession with couponing, I’m going to be sharing all of my rat friendly coupon deals with you. This one definitely inspired me! Instead of paying $3 for a box of Cheerios, how about paying $1? Even if you exceed the limit on your CVS Extrabucks, you’ll still get them for $1.50 per box with the coupon. Great deal, right? If you have any questions, check out the bullet list at the bottom of this post. Print NOW and use by tomorrow 2/13/16 at midnight! Sale ends soon, so get it while you can!!!

The Cheerios Deal

  • Print out the coupon below twice. You have a printing allowance of twice per computer.
  • Go to your local CVS and pick up two 12 oz boxes of Cheerios (or whichever Cheerios have the $1 extrabucks promotion tag).
  • At the register, present your CVS card so extrabucks will print. Once the cashier scans the Cheerios, give them the $1 off 2 Cheerios coupon you printed. Each coupon requires two boxes purchased.
  • Your $1 Extrabucks will print!


Price Break Down

  • Cheerios are on sale at CVS for 2 for $4
  • Coupon is $1 off 2, bringing the price down to $1.50 each, or 2 for $3.
  • After the $1 Extrabucks prints, you have paid $3 for two boxes of cereal with a $1 Extrabuck in your hand. This brings the final price to $1 per box! You can then use that Extrabuck on MORE cheerios!
  1. What Are Extrabucks?           Extrabucks are like CVS “cash” that you can spend at CVS. They are linked to your CVS card and cannot be used with another card.  They print on your receipt, and can be redeemed immediately. Look at it like a CVS gift card!
  2. Why Can I Print Only 2 Coupons?          Couponing sites have a limit per device to prevent abuse. Every computer, cell phone, and tablet is limited to two copies each.
  3. What About CVS Limits?            CVS sets limits on its extrabucks promotions. This limit is usually from anywhere between 1 and 6 times. Check out sales ads for more information.


Why Doesn’t My Rat Eat Alfalfa Pellets in Rat & Hamster Seed Food Mix?

Why Doesn’t My Rat Eat Alfalfa Pellets in Rat & Hamster Seed food Mix?

Alfalfa pellets are commonly found in poorly made rat foods in many chain pet stores. These pellets are not very delicious for rats, and they simply don’t like this rabbit food.

For beginner rat owners, the easily accessible, cheap, brightly colored hamster and rat food seed mix looks like a great choice. It’s got a massive amount of variety in it, and to be fair, it does smell good. Very fruity. They then notice that the rats leave those little green pellets of hay either laying in the food dish, or stashed in a “I’ll never eat it, but I still want to keep it just in case” corner within their huts. Rats just don’t seem to eat them, and for good reason: they just don’t like alfalfa pellets. Continue reading Why Doesn’t My Rat Eat Alfalfa Pellets in Rat & Hamster Seed Food Mix?