Why Does My Pet Fancy Rat Poop and Pee On Me When I Play with Him/Her? How to Stop It!

Does your pet rat seem to like to use the bathroom on you every time you get him or her out?

If so, we all feel your pain.
Every single rat owner out there has been turned into a toilet more times than they can count! It’s just a part of rat ownership. So, exactly WHY does the entire rat species deem it necessary to poop or pee on us? Well, I definitely have the answers for you; even though you might not like what I present you with. Just know that there are ways to lessen this behavior and to potentially eliminate it with enough perseverance.

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Why Does My Pet Rat Boggle and Brux? What Boggling and Bruxing REALLY Means!

Have you ever witnessed your pet boggling and bruxing? Did it maybe freak you out? If it did, there is no reason to worry about your beloved pet. Rats naturally boggle their eyes and brux their teeth. While bruxing, you will hear your pet rat grinding it’s teeth, chomping, and exhaling as if it’s tired of chewing on some food. As they brux their teeth, you’ll usually see the rat’s eyeballs bouncing or jiggling as they brux. Boggling looks absolutely terrifying to a new rat owner who has no idea of this happening; it almost looks like a mini rat seizure, which would definitely warrant a visit to a rat or small animal veterinary specialist. Check out what it means when they boggle and brux! Continue reading Why Does My Pet Rat Boggle and Brux? What Boggling and Bruxing REALLY Means!

Understanding Pet Fancy Rats

Welcome to Understanding Pet Fancy Rats!

Now that I have your attention, it’s time for you to enter our realm: the realm of the fancy rat! These creatures are far from the diseased sewer monsters that many believe them to be, and it’s our job to prove it! Therefore, we welcome anyone and everyone to attempt to understand this drastically misunderstood pet and give them a touch the rat fever!
Here, we will discuss nearly anything “rat”. From blue rex rats to dumbo hairless rats, we will cover any type of rat. Any type of rat behavior issue. Maybe you want to know why your rat is bruxing, or why your pet only wants to sleep in its litter box. Rats can be difficult to understand sometimes, just like humans! Either way, we love them just the same.
If you are coming by to find out some information regarding what rats eat, then we can help with that too! There are many things that rats should eat and things that they shouldn’t eat, which every new and seasoned rat keeper should be aware of. We’ll even release recipes for you guys to try at home! If you have any recipes you would like to recommend, we’d be happy to share them with the other readers!
I myself have over 14 years of experience with pet rats, and there isn’t much that I have not come across. I have raised many different litters. I have even performed plenty of rescues. I’ve been through tragic losses, and am always here for anyone to talk with. Drop in and ask us questions; we might just write an entire post to answer your questions! I have answers from breeding to introduction issues; no matter what is going wrong, we will try to help. Thank you all for visiting, and please poke around; you never know what crazy things you will find here!

Are You a Rescue Organization? Need Help?

If you are a rescue, we would LOVE to help spread word among readers, raise awareness for the public, and assist with any other favors that you might need. All animals and rescues are a soft spot with me; and this is ESPECIALLY true of pet rats. If I can even help just one ratty soul find his or her permanent, loving spot in this world, I’m definitely up for the task. I wouldn’t think twice about it!