Can I Feed My Rat Chicken Eggs? Are They Safe?

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Rats absolutely love eggs! Eggs are a nutritious food source packed with protein and fats. The rich yolk contains a number of nutrients necessary for  health and growth. However, you MUST be careful with how you feed the eggs to the rats, as well as how much and how often you feed them eggs. Check out our recommendations!


Types of Eggs and Whether or Not Rats Can Have Them

Depending on how the egg is prepared, eggs can be good or bad. Pay close attention to how you prepare your ratties’ meal so that they do not become sick. Bland is best for rats, unless you add select veggies or small amounts of cheese.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are perhaps the best for rats to eat. They are fully cooked, and they also ensure that both the white and yolk are evenly mixed. You could even add a little bit of cheese, but I recommend passing on the milk. Milk is commonly used in scrambled eggs, but it is not necessary when making scrambled eggs for pet rats. It simply enhances the texture and flavor of the eggs for humans. You might even try to add a few fresh veggies in with the eggs! Just be sure that you are not improperly preparing a vegetable for the rats; some veggies are better raw, others cooked, and yet others are 100% off limits.

Sunny Side Up

I recommend never feeding your rat any amount of raw egg. If you’re like me, you enjoy to have a bit of runny yolk in your eggs. I enjoy mine over easy personally, but i would never share them with my rats. Every time us humans enjoy our slightly raw or undercooked eggs, we are taking a risk with bacterial pathogens. While it seems far fetched that an innocent egg would make us sick, it is still a very real possibility. However, there is no point in feeding undercooked and potentially dangerous eggs to our pets when they will enjoy them fully cooked just as much!

Hard Boiled

If you want to give your rats something fun to do, try offering them a hard boiled egg! Some people like to leave the shell on to challenge the rats, making them work for the delicious treat inside. Others feel that leaving the shell on may be dangerous. Personally, I do not offer the shell to my rats. I actually don’t even offer anything other than scrambled, but that’s because scrambled eggs are far more economical with my colony’s size. Please do your own personal research regarding shell VS. shelled, making the best decision for you and your rats.

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2 thoughts on “Can I Feed My Rat Chicken Eggs? Are They Safe?”

  1. My baby sweetheart has started sneezing,there’s no mucus anyone have any ideas. She’s probably a year and a half. Email with your thoughts please.Thankyou🐀

  2. As rats age, their respiratory systems can take a hit unfortunately, Debby. There are many reasons she could be sneezing. Here are some ways to help her out:
    Never burn candles or incenses, use oil diffusers, or spray perfumes, air fresheners, or other harsh chemicals into the air around her. Ensure she’s not near a drafty or cold window or vent (which can also move those sprays and scents to her from other rooms). Avoid keeping her near the kitchen, where certain foods might irritate her (such as when you cook onions or hot peppers). Use only carefresh bedding, and keep the home relatively dust free. Also try using an anti allergen home filter, they do wonders for her (and you!). Seriously, they greatly reduce dust in the home! An air purifier is another suggestion. I hope she gets to feeling better! If she goes downhill, have a veterinarian check her out to ensure she does not have an infection or potential respiratory related tumor.

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